The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokees are stylishly dressed in CGI Shadow Line accents


As is tradition with these complicated 21st century car models, there was both good news and bad news for Jeep Grand Cherokee fans these days. Fortunately, the positives are now almost overwhelming.

The highlight has to do with the all-new Grand Cherokee L already recalled for faulty software. Hopefully the issues will be resolved quickly, as fans of the Jeep brand have just received a second dose of love from the Grand Cherokee thanks to the introduction of the 2022 model year for the regular version.

Logically following in the footsteps of its big brother, the three-row long-wheelbase Grand Cherokee L, the fifth-generation Grand Cherokee (WL) has arrived as a true celebration of eight decades of Jeep life. While the styling was fully expected, it goes beyond saying that everyone was eager and curious to see both the all-terrain chops and the levels of durability.

Jeep obliged, presenting the “Grand Cherokee off-road ultimate, the new Trailhawk,” as good as “first electrified Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe. There’s also an all-new platform, fresh exterior and interior styling, as well as’world-class know-how and cutting-edge technologies”To properly storm the world size SUV segment.

Some customers might even want the Grand Cherokees to follow the Grand Wagoneer in becoming stylish SUVs. Stellantis knows that, of course, but there’s room for improvement in this department as well. At least that’s the opinion of Nikita Chuicko, the pixel master behind the kelsonik account on social networks.

He recently came out with his traditional way of improving hot SUVs: a lowered suspension for a cooler stance, new larger wheel sets with lower profile tires, as well as some design changes that encompass his vision for a ride. ‘a possible “Shadow line. ”

The best part about the virtual treatment is that it gave it to both the Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2022, as well as the Grand Cherokee 2022 fresh out of the oven. This way everyone has an easy virtual choice between the slightly more nimble sibling or the slightly more family-oriented sibling.


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