Senator Reverend Warnock Cements Key Bipartisan Bill Provisions To Accelerate Job Growth In Georgia


(Photo: Warnock for Georgia)

This week, U.S. Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock succeeded in securing provisions in key bipartisan legislation that will support manufacturing jobs in Georgia and the country, and direct major science and research investments to educational institutions. superior historically black Georgians. During an executive meeting of the Senate Trade Committee, members passed the bipartisan Endless Frontier Act (EFA), legislation that will make significant investments to spur research and development across the United States, spurring l technological innovation and job growth.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Senator Warnock also highlighted his efforts to call for a swift federal investigation into the global semiconductor shortage, negatively affecting some of Georgia’s most crucial and innovative manufacturers.

“I would like to associate myself with Senator Peters’ comments – I think it is urgent here that his amendment address respectfully, certainly to the auto industry, but it has an impact on the manufacturing sector in general,” said the reverend senator. Warnock. “We’ve seen this up close in the state of Georgia, our Kia plant there almost had to shut down production recently due to a lack of semiconductors. So I think his amendment speaks of this urgency… there is no doubt about the impact of the auto industry on our manufacturing sector in general and I would like to be cited as a co-sponsor of the Peters amendment. .

Last month, at a previous Endless Frontier Act hearing, Senator Warnock noted that Kia Motors almost shut down its Georgia plant, forcing thousands of workers to stay at home due to the shortage of semi- conductors.

“The current shortage of semiconductor chips is having a negative impact on automotive production in the United States. Automakers are being forced to cut production or suspend production. Kia Georgia has an impact on the livelihoods of Georgian workers who work there, and therefore we commend Senator Warnock for his efforts to find solutions that will benefit Georgia and our industry, ”said Christopher Wenk, Vice President of Government Affairs of Kia Corporation.

In addition, the changing habits induced by the COVID-19 pandemic means that the semiconductor chip is now in the midst of a crisis.

With automakers investing in tech-centric electric vehicles, rising sales of TVs, personal computers, and the launch of new 5G-enabled game consoles and mobile phones have all driven demand.


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