Borrow money without employer’s declaration


Are you without work, temporarily or for a longer period of time, but do you want to borrow money? You can borrow money without an employer’s statement!

Take out a loan while you do not have a job and therefore no employer’s declaration can be difficult, especially when you are trying to take out a loan with the bank. Banks apply strict selection procedures before issuing a loan. As a result, many people are excluded from a loan because they have no work, do not have the right documents or because they are blacklisted. For that reason there is an alternative that is accessible to everyone, so you can always get money quickly, even without an employer’s statement!

Borrowing money online without an employer’s declaration

Borrowing money without an employer’s declaration is therefore possible. This involves taking out a loan from online loan providers. These online loan providers are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and are controlled by the Dutch government. This is, therefore, a safe way of borrowing. These loans make money quickly come very easily because you can close it online without hassle. For example, a loan application has already been completed in 5 minutes and, moreover, it costs absolutely no effort!

Borrow money without employer’s declaration without interest!

You do not pay interest on these online loans, which is a very big advantage. In this way, you never pay too much for your loan and you know exactly what it will cost you in advance. In this way, you will not face any unpleasant surprises!

How much money to borrow without an employer’s declaration?

How much you can borrow without an employer’s statement depends on how much you want to borrow. You determine the amount of your loan yourself if the amount is only between 50 and 1000 euros. So you can, for example, choose to borrow 350 euros for a new refrigerator, 500 euros for a nice week away or 750 euros to have your car repaired. You do not have to give up the reason for borrowing from the online loan provider.

While you are on the blacklist, borrow money without an employer’s statement

Many people suffer from a blacklist notation. This means that you are registered with the National Bank as un-creditable because you have incurred payment arrears in the past. This can work to your disadvantage, especially if you want to borrow from a bank. Fortunately, it does not matter if you are blacklisted when you want to take out a loan from online loan providers. There is no check done if you are on the blacklist. The reason for this is that it is firstly small amounts and in addition, such a check is very time-consuming and there is no time for that.

This way you can borrow money without an employer’s statement

Do you also want to borrow money without an employer’s declaration? Borrowing money without work is very easy with the following steps:
– Search online for providers of these loans
– Compare the different providers with each other, pay attention to the conditions
– Fill out an application form that you can find on the loan provider’s site
– Indicate how much you want to borrow
– Wait for confirmation of your request, which you receive by text message
– The money is guaranteed on your account the same day


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